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Welcome to the WebUC
Remote Desktop Communications

Home working couldn't be easier. Make and receive calls, have the ability to transfer calls, and message your colleagues in real time. With no software to download, the WebUC simply connects to our fully featured platform via your Chrome browser. All you need is a username and password and then you are up and running.

If you work from a laptop then you can use your laptops microphone and speaker to make and receive calls. An optional USB headset is available should you require one. All your call features such as call recordings, number blocking, and real-time call monitoring are managed via our online portal.

Main Features
  • No software to download, works with chrome browser
  • Includes all UK national and mobile calls
  • Transfer Calls
  • Comes with a geographical number
  • Same day setup
Management Portal
Portal Features
  • Real-time Call Monitor
  • 90 Day Call Recordings
  • Call Barring
  • Inbound Call Blocking
  • Call Presentation Number
  • Real-time CDRs
  • Voicemail
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwardding
Questions and Answers
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What number is presented when I dial out from the WebUC?

Any genuine landline number can be presented and would recommend your normal work number be presented.

How do I get my normal office number to come into the WebUC?

Simply divert your office number to the temporary geographic number that is given to you when the WebUC is setup.

Can the WebUC work with any browser other than chrome?

No, the WebUC has been specifically optimised to use with chrome and chrome extensions.

Is there a cap on the amount of free calls I can make?

There is no cap on the amount of calls you can make to UK local/national and mobile destinatons.

Do I need an external headset and microphone?

Most laptops have a built in microphone and speaker which should be sufficient for your use, however an additional microphone/headset can be purchased to use.

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