If you have a telephone system connected to your telephone lines and a fault occurs on any aspect of your system or lines, then a system re-boot normally cures the problem.

If your telephone line is connected to a telephone system, please find the CPU (The Box that screwed to the wall or housed in your Comms cabinet and then power off the device for 3 minutes then power back up again and leave for a further 5 minutes then re-test.

If you still have issues, then the most common questions and answers relating to line faults are listed below.

However, if you do have a fault on a telephone line that is supplied by Digital Communications and you cannot find a resolution for it below, then please contact us by telephone, our number is listed on our Contacts page, or by clicking this link to submit your fault online.

My telephone line is constantly engaged

My telephone line is dead

To save yourself the hassle of waiting in for an engineer, there are a few checks you can do to see whether the problem is with your phone or with the line.

  • Do you have a cordless phone? Check that it’s fully charged
  • Check all your phones to make sure they are on the hook and that all the phone cords are plugged in and secure
  • Is the problem with only one phone? Then it’s likely to be a fault with the phone and you will need to contact us

My telephone line dials out but does not ring inbound

Check your ringer - make sure it's switched on and test it by calling your number from a mobile.

  • Are you using a cordless phone?
  • Make sure it's fully charged, a low battery can cause more problems than you'd think!
  • Do you still get the problem if you connect a standard corded phone? If not you'll need to speak to the supplier of your cordless phone
  • Check your microfilters and broadband setup
  • All equipment connected to your line needs to pass through a microfilter

I used to have Caller ID on my line but it has disappeared

This could be an exchange fault, please contact us and we will raise a fault.

My number is not displayed on outbound calls anymore

Is the number coming up withheld when you’re making outbound calls? If yes, then contact your network provider who can remove the feature "withhold number when calling". If no, then contact your network provider who can look into this for you.

My line is crackling and is hard to hear

Check that all the telephones in your premises are properly connected, even if you're only having problems with one of them.

  • Are any of your phones off the hook?
  • Look at the telephone cables and any power cables - are they securely plugged in?
  • Check micro-filters are installed where required
  • For cordless telephones, please make sure the battery is charged

If none of the above steps work, please call your network provider.