The most common questions and answers relating to data connection faults are listed below.

However, if you do have a fault on a data connection that is supplied by Digital Communications and you cannot find a resolution for it below, then please contact us by telephone, our number is listed on our Contacts page, or by clicking this link to submit your fault online.

Check your cable connections

DSL light on router

This light should be solid green. If it is flashing or is off, try these steps:

  • Make sure that the router is plugged into the main phone socket in your premises, using an ADSL filter
  • Make sure that all devices that connect to the same phone line as the router are connected through an ADSL filter. This includes devices (like fax machines) connected to other sockets in your premises, unless they're using a different phone number
  • Try temporarily removing all other devices from your phone line, including any Credit Card terminals. Connect the router to the main telephone socket in your premises, using the supplied ADSL filter. Now unplug the router, wait 15 seconds and try again
  • Make sure you are using the power adapter that came with the router

If these steps do not work, please contact your broadband supplier's technical support department who will be more than happy to help.

Internet light on router

  • If the Internet light is lit solid green or flashing green, the Internet connection is active
  • If the Internet light is lit solid red, or is off, this means there's a problem.
  • A red light or no light at all means that the router isn't able to authenticate your broadband username and password. Please check that these have been entered correctly. Please note: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.


Incorrectly placed microfilters cause the majority of broadband errors.

Remember every used line socket in your premises must have a microfilter fitted for your broadband to work.

If you use a splitter to connect two phones to the same socket, make sure you plug the microfilter into the wall socket first, and then connect the splitter to the microfilter. However, do not get carried away with microfilters. If you have two on a single phone socket, or an extension cable, this may cause problems.